Looking Forward to Windows 11 Release


The Windows 11 Release Date and the New Features When Does Windows 11 Release? Windows 11 is the latest OS release from Microsoft. This upgrade will become available from October 5th 2021 and will be available as a free upgrade for eligible PCs and Laptops in phases. New PCs and Laptops will be available to purchase pre-loaded with Windows 11. On release day, some features will not be available, for example, access to android apps. Windows 11 Features With the new Windows 11 release, you can be sure there will be a slew of new features [...]

Looking Forward to Windows 11 Release2021-09-06T12:40:22+01:00

Greenlight Computers HQ – New Lease Agreed


Greenlight Computers HQ – New Lease Agreed Most of the world has been in some form of lockdown since March 2020. Our world continues to operate in a different way than pre COVID-19 days, with many people now working from home. Greenlight Computers is bucking the trend and is delighted to announce the renewal of its lease with the University of Manchester for its HQ office under the Arches. Arch 28, Altrincham Street, Manchester, M1 3NL Skeleton staff have been coming to the office for the last few months typically 1 day per week and [...]

Greenlight Computers HQ – New Lease Agreed2021-03-30T15:07:38+01:00

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