Cloud Solutions & Office365

CLOUD Solutions For 21st Century

Is your business making the best use of new technology?

By offering Cloud, Private Cloud & On Premise based IT solutions we can guide you in selecting the right solutions for your business. For most companies a mix is the best way to operate.

Rule Of Thumb

When you put your IT services in the Cloud you are totally reliant on your internet connection. If your business is by nature distributed then going cloud will save you money as you are already internet dependent. If your business is all in a single building it is likely that office based on premise solutions will still be the core of your IT solution.

Data Centre

Greenlight has its own Data Centre in Manchester for the provision of some key Cloud solutions for our clients such as Online Backup & FTP services. We also work with the global Cloud solutions providers such as Google & Microsoft to ensure our clients have the best of all worlds.

Free Review

If you would like a review of your current IT setup & how Cloud solutions could help your business then please contact us now.