How the Semiconductor Shortage Affects Your Electronics

In an era when technology is constantly advancing, a shortage of semiconductors and therefore desktop computers could significantly seriously hinder the tech world’s progress. Besides desktop computers, semiconductors go hand in hand with a variety of other devices, such as phones, printers, and even cars. Semiconductors are also essential tools in major industries, including finance and manufacturing so a shortage of computers would be devastating to the world.

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What exactly is a semiconductor?

Semiconductors are widely employed in electronic circuits. A semiconductor, as the name implies, is a material that partially conducts current. A semiconductor’s conductivity falls somewhere between that of an insulator, which has almost no conductivity, and that of a conductor, which has nearly complete conductivity. The majority of semiconductors are crystals comprised of specific materials, most notably silicon. They are used to create in a breadth of electronics including medical devices, solar cells, LEDs, and other electronic products.

How did the silicon shortage occur?

Many people are already feeling the effects of the silicon shortage, particularly in the electronics industry. As with almost all industries, the COVID-19 global pandemic has been pivotal in influencing the semiconductor sector as people require more electronic devices with the shift towards studying and working from home. This is in light of the trade war between the United States and China restricting the sales of China’s largest chip manufacturer (SMIC) to companies with American ties.

Other difficulties are in manufacturing processes itself with the global supply chain largely dependent on a sole company in Taiwan (TSMC). Alongside the issues of national lockdowns, Taiwan endured its worst drought in more than a half-century in 2021, causing issues for microchip manufacturers who need vast amounts of ultra-pure water to clean their factories and wafers. This also raises the question of the how the impact climate change can severely hinder one of the most important global supply chains, especially considering the recent findings and policy announcements at COP26.

What it means for your electronics

The severe shortage of semiconductors has caused shortages of electronics that are reliant on silicon. Here at Greenlight Computers we have worked hard to obtain PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, routers, and servers. Some industry experts believe that this shortage will only get worse with increasing electronics demand.

Furthermore, as silicon prices continue skyrocketing, many electronics manufacturers are changing their product roadmaps. General Electric has announced that it is changing its gear strategy to increase production of high-demand products rather than focus on developing new products.

If you need help

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