How to Speed Up Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and for good reason. It offers much functionality and constant updates that mean it leads the web browser space. Our easy tips will help keep your Chrome browser speedy.

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Latest version

Ensuring that you have the latest verison of Google Chrome will mean that you have updates from their developers to improve performance and security functionality. To check whether your Chrome is up to date, open Google Chrome, go to the three dots in the top right of your screen and down to Help > About Google Chrome. By default Chrome auto-updates itself, so you should see a blue tick; if not simply install the updates that are available.


Malware is software that has been designed to disrupt, damage or to gain authorised access to a computer system; and they are everywhere. You need to make sure that your compouter is secure, as it is not unheard of that PCs having over a hundred of these malicious tools installed at a time without the user knowing. Having antimalware software installed is a great place to start, but did you know that Google Chrome has the ability to perform a safety check itself? If you go to chrome://settings/privacy in Google Chrome (like it is a website), you can perform a safety check which takes just a couple of minutes, where Chrome detects any data breaches, bad extensions or more.

Uninstall unused extensions

Extensions for web browsers offer a vast array of functionality but the more of these there are, the more they are going to drain resource from your system. Features like ad block, social media integrations, extensikons to improve performance of video streaming websites all will drain some fractional resource from your PC. So ensure that those you have installed, are those that you use regularly. You can see which extensions you have installed by going to chrome://extensions/ in Google Chrome.

Close unused tabs

There are some of us who keep their PC running 24/7, the typical reason being that the PC is slow to boot in the mornings. This creates a bit of a problem, as keeping a PC on overnight, typically means you are going to keep your windows and tabs open as they are. Over time, such tabs and windows are only going to grow if you have this always on mindset. Remember, that every tab you open, every program that is running, is using your PC resource – and your PC has a finite amount of performance! So closing unused tabs, or programs on your PC will have a positive result on the performance you see in Google Chrome.

Clear browsing data

Browsing data includes everything from your history of visited websites, to cached items. Overtime, this grows and grows as websites leave their small files that help you load the websites that you regularly visit faster. When it has been some considerable time, the cache can have a negative impactand you may often find strange glitches on websites. An example of this could be when you load a website and it looks differently to everyone else in the office. If you refreshed your cache and cleared your browsing data, then your PC is pulling the live website, rather than relying on the cached files your PC has stored.

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