How to Speed Up Google Chrome


How to Speed Up Google Chrome Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and for good reason. It offers much functionality and constant updates that mean it leads the web browser space. Our easy tips will help keep your Chrome browser speedy. Latest version Ensuring that you have the latest verison of Google Chrome will mean that you have updates from their developers to improve performance and security functionality. To check whether your Chrome is up to date, open Google Chrome, go to the three dots in the top right of your screen and [...]

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Looking Forward to Windows 11 Release


The Windows 11 Release Date and the New Features When Does Windows 11 Release? Windows 11 is the latest OS release from Microsoft. This upgrade will become available from October 5th 2021 and will be available as a free upgrade for eligible PCs and Laptops in phases. New PCs and Laptops will be available to purchase pre-loaded with Windows 11. On release day, some features will not be available, for example, access to android apps. Windows 11 Features With the new Windows 11 release, you can be sure there will be a slew of new features [...]

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Bring Business Back – COVID-19 Track and Trace


Bring Business Back - COVID-19 Track and Trace We are all keen to Bring Business Back. Greenlight Computers, in common with many businesses, is emerging from remote working and opening up its facilities. As with all businesses we need to make sure we follow government guidance around coronavirus safe working practices. Of course, we have all put in place signage, hand sanitising stations, physical separation etc. It’s not only our staff we are thinking of, but we also hope to welcome visitors into our premises. In doing so we needed a track and trace solution. COVID-19 [...]

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Greenlight Computers supports ESOF


Greenlight Computers supports ESOF 2016 Manchester has been selected as the host city for the 7th ESOF conference in July 2016 and Greenlight Computers is proud to support the event. We were delighted to attend the launch event and inspired by the commitment of Sir Howard Bernstein, Dame Nancy Rothwell, Professor Brian Cox and many other great contributors to developing Manchester as a Science City.  The EuroScience Open Forum is a biennial, pan-European conference dedicated to scientific research and innovation. Each conference aims to deliver stimulating content and lively debate around the latest advancements and discoveries in [...]

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