What benefits could SharePoint offer my business?

SharePoint comes bundled in Office 365 E1, E3 and E5 licence types. But often, companies are not taking advantage of this powerful product. We are here this week to explain the benefits that SharePoint could offer your business.

Essentially, SharePoint works as a shared cloud service within your business. It allows for sharing of files in the cloud, so you can work from anywhere. In the past, you may have been at places where you have a shared drive for sharing files between colleagues. Well with SharePoint, the shared drive goes online. Utilising the power of SharePoint means that you can collaborate easily with your colleagues as you all work from the same files. You can work together on the same file, see who has made what changes and save your changes knowing they will not be lost.

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Share Files and Folders Across Your Business

SharePoint enables a level of collaboration that is hard to find when working with the traditional locally-based shared drive offering. For one, you can work from any device no matter where you are in the world. With your files saved to the cloud, working on any device becomes a breeze and when making changes, you can be certain that you always have the latest copies across all devices.

User Permissions

The sharing of documents does not end there though. With the power of SharePoint, you can define user permissions for different files and folder structures. You can select who has access to your HR files, for example, allowing users to only edit certain financial files or group permissions depending on their department.

Benefits of SharePoint for My Business

Intranet functionality

If your company has no sharing of internal news, then Greenlight Computers can certainly provide our expertise in setting you up with an intranet. With the power of SharePoint, not only are you limited to sharing files across your team, but you can also share company news and use it as a hub, central for sharing links to common websites your colleagues need.

Having an intranet serves as a great basis for web browser homepages, where you can ensure that company culture is indoctrinated and shared easily. For instance, updates regarding new hires, new clients you have onboarded, or even photos from the Christmas party can all be shared with ease in your own private company Intranet.

SharePoint-based Apps

For common practices, like filling Office-based documents, you could harness the power of SharePoint for providing a user-friendly front-end to otherwise mundane operations. SharePoint has a wealth of developer backing, allowing businesses of all sizes to create and maintain productive apps in their own private cloud.

For more information about the benefits that SharePoint could offer your business, why not get in touch?

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