Greenlight Computers HQ – New Lease Agreed

Arch 28

Most of the world has been in some form of lockdown since March 2020. Our world continues to operate in a different way than pre COVID-19 days, with many people now working from home.

Greenlight Computers is bucking the trend and is delighted to announce the renewal of its lease with the University of Manchester for its HQ office under the Arches.

Arch 28, Altrincham Street, Manchester, M1 3NL

Skeleton staff have been coming to the office for the last few months typically 1 day per week and never more than 25% space occupancy to remain covid safe. This has enabled supplier deliveries, project staging and Board meetings to take place. All other work is continuing successfully from home via Teams, Zoom and a variety of other collaboration tools.

Setting up for the return to work

Full site occupancy in Greenlight Computers offices is probably a thing of the past, as all of our staff have learnt to successfully operate from home. Each office is now set up with plenty of stock of PPE with anti-bacterial gels available at the door and on both floors of the office. Good practice signage is in place all around the office and communal devices have been decommissioned for the foreseeable future.

Partnering with the University of Manchester

Greenlight Computers has operated within the University campus for over a decade both as a customer and a supplier to the University. A relationship we are very proud of and look forward to continuing.

Statement from Management

Greenlight Computers Director – Gary Dodson commented “We are delighted to have extended our occupancy of Arch 28, Altrincham Street, Manchester. The Arches have housed our HQ team for over 10 years and enable Greenlight Computers to provide our Manchester client base with a responsive online or visiting service as needed.

We try to operate with the minimum carbon footprint so being able to walk to many city centre client sites is a big positive for our team and the clients.”

New clients?

During our lock down year Greenlight Computers and sub businesses Greenlight Telecoms and Greenlight Web saw a positive trend in new enquiries from local Manchester region businesses.

If you wish to consolidate your IT requirements to a single provider, hopefully we are the perfect local partners.

If you need help now

If you want help with any of the matters raised in this article, please contact us at Greenlight Computers 0161 883 1685 – we have a team you can chat to about all matters relating to IT.

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