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Covid-19 Track and Trace QR Code | Greenlight Computers

We are all keen to Bring Business Back. Greenlight Computers, in common with many businesses, is emerging from remote working and opening up its facilities. As with all businesses we need to make sure we follow government guidance around coronavirus safe working practices.

Of course, we have all put in place signage, hand sanitising stations, physical separation etc.

It’s not only our staff we are thinking of, but we also hope to welcome visitors into our premises. In doing so we needed a track and trace solution.

COVID-19 Track & Trace at Greenlight Computers

We are delighted to say that thanks to our friends at TheLoyaltyCo we now have a  COVID-19 Track and Trace solution in place. Our visitors can register when they visit any of our sites and events (either via the QR code or by logging onto the website). In the event that any of us subsequently develop coronavirus symptoms, we can then get in touch with our visitors and let them know.

TheLoyaltyCo ‘s rapid development of the app-enabled Greenlight Computers to have the visitor solution in place ready for our partial re-opening on 3rd August 2020.

Here’s what it looks like.

Covid-19 Track and Trace QR Code | Greenlight Computers      Covid-19 Track and Trace | Greenlight Computers       GLC covid trackandtrace2

If you want a COVID-19 Track and Trace Solution like this, why not contact the folks at TheLoyaltyCo

If you need help with your IT please contact us for a discussion.

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