Bitcoin Trading

Greenlight Computers Ltd accepted its first contract payments via Bitcoin trading last week. Our Digital Marketing team were contracted to design & build a new hosted web platform for cryptocurrency exchange and the client requested to pay in Bitcoin.

Conversion back to £’s was easy enough and made our accountants happy.

Bitcoin Trading | Greenlight Computers

Greenlight Computers operates as a Single Point of Service for all the IT needs of our clients. In this instance, the client had their capital tied up in Bitcoin and rather than delay the project they requested Greenlight Computers provide the option to trade using Bitcoin.

The project is now well underway with brand design complete, domain names secured and logo’s approved. The website design and development is work in progress with go-live scheduled for summer 2019.

John Hayes (Business Growth Manager at Greenlight Computers) secured the contract and commented “that moving into Bitcoin trading opens Greenlight Computers up to a rapidly growing entrepreneurial market place”

Gary Dodson (Managing Director at Greenlight Computers) commented “there is an expectation that an IT Services business works with leading-edge Cloud Solutions and Cyber Safety. Bitcoin trading, big data management and blockchain are just the next wave of change we need to master.”

It’s a brave new world……..

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