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Manufacturing & Logistics

Growing Dependence On Technology To Compete


Greenlight Computers Ltd works with Manufacturing & Distribution business across the North West predominantly. Modernisation and innovation are the industry buzz words as the trend for off shore manufacture starts to reverse with the increase in transportation costs. Our clients are moving quickly to capture market share and the key is flexible and reliable technology.

The local lead technician model, core to Greenlight operations, is well received in this sector.

Services Deployed

Our service provision into the Manufacturing & Distribution sector depends on the type of establishment we are working with. Our core offering of IT Support outsourcing is popular as it allows the client to grow and reduce the service required quickly based on their seasonal or business need. We briefly describe some of our services to the sector below:

  • IT STRATEGY is provided across the whole sector with an innovative focus on sharing key resource between establishments through our clustering program
  • IT SUPPORT is provided either on an outsource basis or as a supplement to the internal IT skills & capacity of our clients
  • APPLICATION SELECTION & INTEGRATION OF KEY SYSTEMS in areas such as CRM, ERP & FTP are important decisions that the IT partner must assist with.
  • CABLING & WI-FI SOLUTIONS are regularly required throughout the sector to enable lab set up, office development & grow on space
  • DESIGN, PROCUREMENT, INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE of new computer suites & solutions
  • DATA SECURITY is often paramount when developing a business with IPR to protect & we can provide strategic input and deploy sensible solutions where required
  • MOBILE COMPUTING & CLOUD SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS are extremely advantageous in this sector as our clients operate in a global bio-science market place
  • DATA BACKUP is often poorly planned & executed in this sector despite the critical nature of digital information. Our 3 layer approach is simple and helps safeguard key data
  • DATA RECOVERY for those clients where the horse has bolted

We are supplier agnostic and as such will only recommend the best solutions we know to our clients not the products of a specific supplier.

We do not operate a large marketing function to present ourselves to the sector as some of our competitors do, our focus is on providing good quality cost effective solutions. If you would like to know more please contact us directly.

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