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Data Recovery

Data loss can be a serious worry and can often lead to disastrous ramifications. Greenlight Computers can assist you with a data recovery solution to achieve the reinstatement of those all-important files and documents.

Technical Data Recovery

To a modern organisation in today’s technological landscape, digital data is a valuable asset. Even within a perfect backup system the loss of key data is a possibility. All however, may not be lost, a number of technical recovery methods can be investigated but it is essential to take swift action. It is therefore important that you act quickly to mitigate against further loss and service disruption.

Greenlight Computers can rescue you your data from:

  • Mechanical hard-disk failure
  • Data corruption
  • Accidental deletion
  • Virus and Malware attacks
  • Unrecognised formats
  • Inaccessible partitions

If you need a professional data recovery service that is timely and affordable, then contact Greenlight Computers for a discussion of your situation and a consultation on its immediate remediation.

Forensic Data Recovery

In the event of technical data recovery methods not recovering the data we may then need to investigate full forensic data recovery via specialist partners.