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Implementing the right kind of Network Infrastructure (Wired & WIFI) is the communication backbone in any organisation. Greenlight Computers can design for you a scalable and affordable network focused on your expectations and requirements.

Greenlight Computers Network Design

Network deployment is not just about now, but also about the future. Investing in a system with future growth in mind can save you time and unnecessary costs. Greenlight Computers can help you consider the essentials when planning your network:

  • The purpose of the network
  • Performance requirements
  • Application and software facilitation and flow
  • The number of users now and the potential number of future users
  • Ease of management
  • Security levels
  • Business and budget constraints

We believe that scalability is key so it is imperative to implement a network that your organisation will not outgrow. Network design is also a continuous balancing act and Greenlight Computers can provide ongoing support and reassessment of your network in alignment with any changing objectives and requirements.

Network Terms

Network design is a simple flow model for routing data from the outside world to the computer, around your network and from the computer to the outside world. To build your network you require:

  • Broadband – the data pipe to the outside world
  • Firewall – to block unwelcome entry to your network
  • Router – routes data around your network, assigning unique network addresses (IP addresses) to each computer. Most routers also allow NATing to hide your individual computers from the outside world.
  • Ethernet/Fibre – cabling interconnects your network to wall ports where your computer is connected.
  • Switches – essential to managing the connections and linking them back to the router, binding the network together
  • WIFI – for those devices that are mobile in nature Laptops/Tablets/Smart phones wireless technology operates of numerous protocols but provides the same routing function for your data. For more detail on WIFI click here

The biggest challenge with designing a network is device compatibility with manufacturers such as Cisco, HP, Aruba, Ruckus, Palo Alto operating at the Enterprise end and Netgear, TP-Link, Zyxel, Draytek amongst many serving the SME community.

Simplifying the network is where Greenlight Computers plays a key role with many of our clients.

Case Studies

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