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Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi)

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WIFI provides the flexibility to establish a network quickly and enable mobile working in a multi-device/BYOD business environment. Greenlight Computers can design for you a scalable and affordable WIFI network focused on your expectations and requirements.

Greenlight Computers WIFI

Network deployment is not just about now, but also about the future. Investing in a system with future growth in mind can save you time and unnecessary costs. Greenlight Computers can help you consider the essentials when planning your network:

  • The purpose of the network
  • Performance requirements
  • Application and software facilitation and flow
  • The number of users now and the potential number of future users
  • Ease of management
  • Security levels
  • Business and budget constraints

We believe that scalability is key so it is imperative to implement a network that your organisation will not outgrow. WIFI Network design is also a continuous balancing act and Greenlight Computers can provide ongoing support and reassessment of your WIFI in alignment with any changing objectives and requirements.

Greenlight Computers WIFI selection & deployment

The average user now has 3 computing devices in operation perpetually. Your WIFI must cater for both business computers/tablets and personal smart phones. Data segregation and security management is a key selection criteria in choosing the best WIFI for your business. You cannot ensure all devices accessing your WIFI have adequate Anti-Virus protection so your WIFI & Firewall needs to step in.

Greenlight can consult on, design, and implement tailored wireless deployments that suit your organisation’s unique environment. We understand that distinct industries require distinct solutions, and we can provide for a multitude of sectors, from hospitality to education:

  • A modern office may require staff to become more mobile within their physical working space, so not only is a seamless and error-free transition from the wired to the wireless network needed, but also a high-capacity link that can facilitate mission-critical activities.
  • A hotel is likely to have both business and leisure travellers with each set of guests placing a unique demand on the wireless infrastructure. Irregular Wi-Fi connections can cause frustration for guests, and as a survey by Hotels.com has shown, 49% of business travellers deem uninterrupted and free Wi-Fi to be a key differentiator in their choice of establishment.
  • A student residence or campus may require a setup that can sustain hundreds –and sometimes thousands– of concurrent high-capacity connections. For these diverse electronic-client populations a secure yet wireless infrastructure is needed whereby traffic and bandwidth is shaped to organisational security policies so as to avoid bandwidth and policy abuse.

Greenlight can deliver and support technologies from a range of Wi-Fi vendors, such as Aruba, Ruckus, Cisco, and Cisco Meraki Cloud. Considering IT’s inevitable shift towards cloud computing, we focus specifically on Cisco Meraki technology with its simplified administration and user-friendly visibility.

Cisco Meraki architecture is 100% cloud managed and eliminates the need for expensive and complex onsite controllers. This enterprise-class solution is adaptive and versatile, and can be carefully designed to meet any organisation’s Wi-Fi requirements:

  • Meraki APs are built with high-grade radio components which contain the latest 802.11 standards and protocols, giving superior performance and throughput.
  • Meraki APs are managed through an easy-to-use dashboard which provides granular visibility into your entire wireless network. Every connected device can be monitored and traffic can be shaped to suit your organisation’s policies.
  • We can provide a wide array of access methods, from standard password logon to SMS-based authentication.
  • We can deploy a pay-for-access Wi-Fi service should your organisation wish to generate a revenue stream from wireless access. This is particularly popular with the hospitality sector as hotels may want to offer a multi-tier system in which higher-capacity access is sold for a price.
  • We can help you integrate Meraki partnered applications into your infrastructure such as July (collecting real-time data on behaviour), Viva Spot (automated marketing solution), and Purple Wi-Fi (customer insight, social media engagement and marketing tools).

Please take some time to review our client case studies to learn how Greenlight have helped organisations deliver enterprise-class wireless networks.

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