Do you provide Cloud computing?


Yes, Greenlight Computers Ltd is an accredited provider of Cloud solutions. We focus on the Microsoft solution stack as our core service offering with integrations to multiple other applications and platforms.

Do you provide Cloud computing?2021-06-11T14:00:38+01:00

How long have you been around?


Greenlight Computers was formed in 2006 and our mission has remained: to provide a Single Point of Service for IT to our customers. Greenlight Computers is one branch of Greenlight, while we also have Greenlight Telecoms, Greenlight Web and soon, Greenlight Cyber.

How long have you been around?2021-06-11T13:57:09+01:00

Do you support VOIP?


Our Greenlight Telecoms business would be our more appropriate team. To learn more, visit or get in touch and we can work with you across both IT and Telecoms.

Do you support VOIP?2021-06-11T13:45:54+01:00

Can you help our company work from home?


Certainly, our technical team has several projects undertaken to allow businesses to work from home.  Greenlight Computers offers a full portfolio of Cloud computing and cyber security options to enable working from home or mobile locations.

Can you help our company work from home?2021-06-11T13:45:20+01:00

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