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Shared IT Director

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The role of IT Director is essential in most modern businesses, the skill of interpreting Board level direction, Management team goals and IT department action is a foundation to business improvement. The shared IT Director or fractional IT Director allows your business to secure high level skills & experience on a part time basis within your budget.

Greenlight Computers Shared IT Directors

There are many scenarios where a part-time shared IT Director, CIO or IT Manager can make a significant difference to your business. Some of the most common we see include:

  • The merging of two businesses
  • Major growth demanding new technologies
  • Overseeing the migration from traditional to cloud based solutions & skills
  • Developing & delivering the IT Strategy that underpins the Business Plan
  • Board level governance, the independent eye
  • Top level expertise without requiring the full salary package on the budget

How does it work

Typically, a shared IT Director will have a small portfolio of clients each of whom contracts for between 1 & 5 days per month.

The shared IT Director will have experienced the challenges your business is going through several times before and be able to guide your team through the pitfalls of change. They may be asked to develop a new IT Strategy or follow through with an existing plan. They will have the contacts to assist in the redeployment, re-skilling or recruitment of IT Staff. They will have exceptional knowledge of what IT should cost and how to get the best value for your budget. Most importantly they will have the gravitas to communicate at Board level & the technical competence to communicated effectively to your IT staff or outsource partners.

Your IT Director will be in a position to work with the Management team and profile the IT team and technologies to best support the goals of the business.


The duration for the assignment can be permanent or temporary but we would suggest is rarely less than 12 months if a long term benefit is to be realised.

A full time IT Director can not only be expensive but also rapidly get stale in the role as they focus 100% on your business to the detriment of ongoing personal knowledge development. The shared IT Director is constantly gaining new experiences, seeing new technologies and building skills from which your business can benefit.

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Case Studies

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    M1 3NL

  • Grafton St,
    M13 9WU

  • Alderley Park,
    Alderley Edge
    SK10 4TG
  • Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst,
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