Datacentre Co-location

Dedicated Server Capacity With Datacentre Speed

Often known as early Cloud computing, the concept of running your server from a data centre is often utilised by highly distributed business. Server co-location is the use of a datacentre for a professional air conditioned, secure & fast location for your businesses server(s).

If You Want Dast Access From Anywhere

Rather than invest in an expensive dedicated broadband line in your own office co-location allows you to share the huge capacity of the data centre resilient broadband.

Similarly, why use up valuable office space to create a suitable comms. room space for your server when you can share a professionally designed environment.

Your Own Dedicated Space

Greenlight can provide you the perfect amount of space to suit your server needs & it also ensures we can respond to any support and maintenance needs without disrupting your office. Located on Manchester Science Park our data centre racks are managed securely 24 hours per day.

Value For Money

Your business can have its own datacentre co-location typically cheaper than the cost of increasing your broadband capacity in the office. Starting at under £150 per month co-location may be ideal for your business, particularly if a number of your staff operate outside of the office.

For a number of clients who operate out of a small office or are highly distributed this is the ideal way to benefit from the Cloud