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Online backup, also known as cloud backup or backup-as-a service; a method by which your information is backed up to a secure remote site. Through Greenlight Computers partnership with Acronis Cloud on-line backup services will protect your information from the risk of loss.

Greenlight Computers Cloud Backup Services

The convenience offered by online backup is indisputable; your back-up is accessible from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Security is of paramount concern when choosing the right back-up solution and to that end your data is stored on secure, encrypted systems, giving you the peace of mind that your data cannot be accessed or decrypted by anyone else. Risk of issues associated with human error when managing your own back-up internally is significantly reduced through online back-up services. In addition, you will never run out of capacity for your back-up as we simply increase your allocation as your data grows.

Ease of Recovery is vital when it comes to considering the right back up solution. Due to multiple levels of redundancy offered within our solution, your backups are easily available and accessible.

Our Cloud-based back-up solution is affordable and offers significant commercial benefits when compared with the cost of tape drives, servers, other hardware and software elements necessary to perform the back-up, plus the man power required to manage your backup systems.

Greenlight will manage your online backup so you can concentrate on your day job without worrying about potential data loss.

Validation & DR

Greenlight Computers Single Point of Service help desk team monitor ever client backup every day to ensure it runs successfully.

We also offer a DR hardware option to safeguard against real emergency and we recommend to clients a periodic data recovery exercise to validate the quality of the data being backed up.

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