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Case Studies; Luther King House – Guest Wifi

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Project Challenge

Design & installation of a site wide Secure Guest WIFI solution replacing 3 old networks.



Three separate wireless networks existed onsite: in the reception/communal area, library & hotel. None of the networks was secure and only one of the three was operational. The overall scenario was of partial coverage affecting the student experience on site. Regular complaints were being received by staff about the lack of wireless coverage affecting their ability to gain the most from the Luther King experience.
A secondary issue with the existing setup was that the guest and staff networks were not separated & as such presented a significant security risk to the business. An accidental virus download or spamming action by a guest could have exaggerated consequences for the business.

A new master router & wireless hotspot manager was installed in the server room behind reception to control the network. This combination allowed the immediate segregation of the staff & guest networks. Ticket printers were configured and installed on reception & in the library for the allocation of sessions. The ticketing was branded and allocated for times of up to 1 week depending on the guest requirement.

Around the site 5 additional access points were installed onto the network to provide the site wide coverage required.

“Since switching to Greenlight our IT problems have largely disappeared & those we have are dealt with on the day they happen or when it suits our diary. We now have an overall IT Strategy for the next few years and our improved guest wifi is an excellent example of Greenlight making good, something that had failed for years.”

Martin C
Operations Manager