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Greenlight News

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Gameover Zeus Threat

The National Crime Agency & International law enforcement agencies have warned that a major “Cyber Attack” may happen in the next two weeks. The threat, called Gameover Zeus, has spread worldwide but has been temporarily disabled by internat....
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All Internet Explorer users at risk

Microsoft published a security advisory notice earlier this week alerting all users that a vulnerability has been found in all versions of Internet Explorer (6 – 11). This vulnerability allows hackers to gain full user permission over your syst....
HeartBleed Bug Logo

Heartbleed Bug

Last week there was a major security hole discovered in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This bug allows the memory of a server to be read by another machine, piggybacking on a feature called ‘Heartbeat’, hence this bu....

Greenlight Blog

Microsoft Office for Android

Almost a year ago Microsoft released basic version of Office for Android. The latest new from Redmond is that they they ....

Microsoft Office for iOS

Last week Microsoft, after countless rumours, finally released Office for iOS. We have spent the past few days since it&....