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Software and SAAS Subscription

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The world of software is changing from a capital purchase to a SAAS (software as a service) subscription model. Greenlight Computers continues to source licences the traditional route but also offers fully administered SAAS subscription solutions for our clients.

Greenlight Computers Software & SAAS Supply

Greenlight Computers is in the business of assisting clients to select the best software for their requirements & then supplying that application through the best value licensing model available.

If you know exactly what you are looking for we can respond with a quote in minutes and get licences downloaded remotely or onsite on a schedule to suite your team.

If you need some help deciding which CRM application best fits your needs or which collaboration application & storage fits your IT Strategy, we can consult, research and advise. We make these decisions regularly with clients and that experience can provide huge benefits for your business.

Enterprise Applications

Are you looking for a CRM solution, full ERP suite or company Office 365 deployment? Considering the key factors in this decision are what we can help with, the biggest headache for a lot of business is an excess proliferation of unintegrated software applications. Why would you want a production system that couldn’t integrate into your accounts solution & present management reports on a timely basis. Call Greenlight in to avoid the pitfalls.

Desktop Applications

Compatible companywide desktop applications are key to effective communications and will enable the flexibility to operate on multiple hardware platforms. Microsoft Office 365 is Greenlight Computers recommended solution in most cases, particularly in the SME space. With over 100 client implementations in the last 3 years we believe the product is mature and the Email, Office & Collaboration applications offer a stable baseline for any business.

Mobile Applications

The scope for mobile applications grows daily and offers each job role a unique set of tools to assist them in the job role. Mobile applications are however one of the main routes for cyber security issues unless the business controls the applications in use across the business. Greenlight Computers can assist you in identifying the ideal applications for your team and validate the cyber security credentials of the suppliers to minimise your risk profile.

Software is a dynamic environment and we are here to help you make the best and safest choices, call the Greenlight team if you want to meet and discuss your plans.

Greenlight Computers operates a fully administered Cloud SAAS Subscription management service ensuring all your users have the desired set of applications and you receive a single consolidated invoice each month.

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