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Mobile Devices

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Commonly today the average IT user operates with multiple devices, commonly a PC/Laptop as the primary with a smart phone & tablet for mobile working. Greenlight Computers can supply, facilitate mobile contracts and integrate your user profile data and security onto your mobile environment.

Greenlight Computers Mobile Computing

A mobile device is an overall term for any type of handheld computer. These devices are designed to be portable often fitting in your hand. Some mobile devices are powerful enough to do many of the same things you can do with a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Tablet Computers – offer convenience as a second device
  • E-Readers – provide easy document review facilities
  • Smart Phones – give the user an all-round service with multiple applications available in the palm of the hand
  • Smart watches, card readers, hand printers, bar code scanners & many other mobile technologies have a place in the business environment

Why buy Hardware from Greenlight?

We source the best product at the right price & should anything go wrong we also manage the warranty process on your behalf.

We can provide the full installation and data transfer setup service; cleaning off all pre-installed bloatware that slows down the computer & installing the software applications and data you need.

We also have vast experience in troubleshooting hardware and software problems including all Microsoft Windows, Android & Apple operating systems and Microsoft Office applications.

Greenlight Computers select & supply mobile computing to 100’s of businesses, our expertise will save you time & mone

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