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Desktop Computers and Laptops

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It doesn’t matter if you’re office-based or mobile, we all need suitable computers to complete our day-to-day tasks and activities. Greenlight Computers can consult on, supply and deploy the right PC, laptop or Mac for you.

Greenlight Computers help you select the Right computer for the job

In today’s market personal computer hardware is evolving constantly, with ever-changing specifications, updates, and hardware varieties. Greenlight Computers engineers can remove the hassle associated with researching, selecting, configuring, and deploying computers and automate this process for your organisation.

Whether you need a homogenised 50-desktop rollout for your new offices or a bespoke and powerful notebook for your MD’s long-distance train journeys, Greenlight Computers can be there to guide you from start to finish.

Why buy Hardware from Greenlight?

We source the best product at the right price & should anything go wrong we also manage the warranty process on your behalf.

We can provide the full installation and data transfer setup service; cleaning off all pre-installed bloatware that slows down the computer & installing the software applications and data you need.

We also have vast experience in troubleshooting hardware and software problems with existing computers and laptops, including all Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office applications.

Getting the basics right

Top 10 computer buying tips that will save you money & time.

  1. Don’t buy Home computers (e.g. Win10home) for use in business, always buy Pro licences. Conversion is a costly process.
  2. Get the specification criteria right: Processor speed, Storage capacity & speed, Operating system, IO ports, Graphics & Screen configuration
  3. Remove all the unwanted bloatware & trial versions that come pre-installed before you deploy to the user. If you don’t need it, remove it, it will just slow down the machine.
  4. Always install up to date Anti-virus.
  5. Check the compatibility with other IT in your company before purchase
  6. Choose the laptop size to suit your mobility needs 12” to 17” options are available
  7. Backup your old computer before you migrate, just in case
  8. Select from a tier 1 vendor e.g. Dell, Fujitsu, HP to ensure the warranty is real
  9. Don’t forget to have a backup strategy for any unique data held on the computer
  10. Buy your computers from your IT partner & get them to do it for you. It’s the same as buying a car, if you are not a mechanic use someone who is.


Greenlight Computers select & supply computers for 100’s of businesses, our expertise will save you time & money

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