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Do you know what to ask for? If you know your business needs a change of technology but you don’t have the skills in house to define your requirements & source the best solution, we can help. Particularly in the early stages of major new build capital projects a bit of additional experience in your corner will help you make the right choices of technologies & suppliers.

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Designing & Tendering a New Build

When designing a new building you have many aspects of IT to consider & find suppliers for, few suppliers can do everything so ensure that your tendering is matched to potential bidders. The following list is a typical guide to the main elements:

  • Connectivity (Broadband feed & WAN)
  • Site Infrastructure (Cabling, wifi, switching, firewalls etc.)
  • Audio visual (Communication tools, public are use tools, video conference etc.)
  • Internal staff IT (Servers, pc’s, software, cloud apps etc. to run the business)
  • Digital Marketing (Websites, email, social media etc. to promote the business)
  • IT Support services (The resource to maintain & develop)

Technology Shift & Application Choice

If you have an internal team proficient with one technology platform and you are planning to move to a different technology set securing the right external partner is often critical to success. Our consultants are often called upon as an independent judge when tender responses are received to validate that the choice being made is sound.

Essential Preparation

Whatever you do please make sure you have two things clear in your mind:

  • Ensure you have budgeted for a secure & resilient Broadband connection in all operating locations
  • Complete a full business case to be clear on the benefits you expect to see

If you are interested in looking at your options in more detail, please contact us

Case Studies

  • Altrincham St,
    M1 3NL

  • Grafton St,
    M13 9WU

  • Alderley Park,
    Alderley Edge
    SK10 4TG
  • Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst,
    Gunnels Wood Rd,
    SG1 2FX

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