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Merger and Acquisition Integration

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Merger & Acquisition IT Integration can be complex. When two businesses merge it means integration in many areas, IT merger integration can be a huge accelerator if completed effectively. An independent eye will ensure that best practice from both sides can be utilised & also help make rational decisions about staff roles in the new organisation.

Greenlight Computers M&A Integration

IT & Data integration is rarely top of the corporate agenda when acquiring or merging with another business, but it should be. Two client databases merged together should equal double the channel to market, best practice methods should save significant operating expenditure & joint investment planning should ensure capital expenditure savings & efficiencies. Without a plan this opportunity will be wasted.

We can provide that independent planning & communication through one of our strategic consultants enabling the new joint team to focus on success.

Merger integration check-list

The following 5 areas should make up the core of your integration plan:

  • DATA ARCHITECTURE – planning how data should be stored & managed in the combined organisation
  • EMAIL is a service that no user can live without so it has to be a week 1 integration action
  • RESOURCING – establish a plan of who is to be retained and what gaps you may have & plan for all eventualities
  • TRADING – ensure that both businesses can continue to trade effectively pre & post any changes in IT or branding
  • SERVICE MONITORING & SUPPORT – make sure you are not running blind, get all key servers & applications monitored centrally from the outset.

A no surprise integration keeps the management focussed on business & not IT. Many other aspects are important but over years of experience these are the main areas that can go wrong with devastating effect.

Post merger

If your combined business is highly distributed, then moving to the Cloud is going to provide great benefit. At this stage a full review of IT in respect of the new combined business & the latest technologies available should offer significant benefits over the next 12 – 18 months.

Once the initial integration is sorted allow the team to establish a new set of working practices but challenge them to deliver the desired technical improvements & cost savings expected from merger.

Our consultants can help guide your business through these changes & we would encourage bringing us in at as early a stage as possible to get the most benefit from external input. All engagements will be completed under full NDA conditions.

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