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We provide IT audit and risk assessment services to a number of organisations on an independent basis. If your business has any doubt about the performance of your IT and its ability to realise your business strategy, then an audit can provide an action plan for improvement. An annual IT audit provides a spot-check on progress over the last 12 months and recommends key actions for the next period.

An IT audit can review performance across the whole IT estate or it could focus on a specific area of weakness that needs urgent attention. Some of the audits we can perform are:

Greenlight Computers IT Audit

IT Audit can review performance across the whole IT estate or it could focus in on a specific area of weakness that needs urgent attention. Some of the audits we have recently

Merger Readiness – IT Integration Audit

During a Merger the ability to integrate the systems & procedures will be vital to success. In some cases, IT integration may even be a consideration on whether the deal is viable. We can provide you with an independent in depth analysis of both parties existing infrastructure, contracts & staffing to identify what synergies could be achieved or risks are apparent.

IT Staff Competence Audit

If you suffer from continuous IT related issues, don’t feel your team has all the answers or you need to shrink/expand the team a competence audit could provide an independent assessment to non-technical decision makers. We can offer you a full SWOT assessment on your existing team and partners, recommending improvements & changes to improve business effectiveness & profitability.

Employee IT Skills Audit

In most businesses 80% of staff are regular computer users, the ability to use their computers effectively therefore has a direct impact on the businesses bottom line. We can assess your staff for both generic IT competence and IT skills specific to the job they are performing in your business. Even in a small team a minor skill improvement could free up valuable resource for redeployment or increase the output of the team.

Cyber Security Audit

The Greenlight approach is to work with the client to establish a continuous improvement plan. IT security is a continuously changing area and as such a static plan is not the way forward. Regular review and continuous improvement of policies, procedures & technologies is the only way to minimise the risk for your business. Specialist penetration testing can also be facilitated as part of a full Cyber security audit.

Annual General IT Audit

Many businesses are subject to an annual financial audit to ensure the books are in order, would it also make sense to check that your deployment & use of technology is fit for purpose? Our general IT audit offers a light touch overview of all aspects of your IT and will provide a traffic light coded risk analysis from which you can assess and take action as appropriate.

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