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The rapid development of Cloud services & Private Cloud services can offer many businesses innovative ways of working. The key challenge for any business is striking the balance between what is best kept in-house & what is best moved to the Cloud. Our Cloud consultancy team work with hundreds of businesses guiding them through transitioning to the Cloud.

Greenlight Computers Cloud Consultancy

Our Cloud consultants will work with your internal staff to select compatible Cloud applications, migrate data & integrate into new ways of working. We will also work with your staff to identify any potential skills gaps and suitable trainers to avoid IT change resulting in any inefficiency.

Easy Decisions

It shouldn’t be a question of Cloud or not. You can move to the Cloud gradually with those elements of the business that will give you the biggest benefit with the lowest risk.

  1. ONLINE BACKUP either as an additional layer of security or to replace an in-house process can improve your security against data loss or a disaster
  2. FTP (File Transfer) is a service that can take big files out of your email and using the Cloud enable quick transfer to clients or suppliers
  3. EMAIL is already dependent of the internet so is a very logical Cloud application and often one of the biggest areas of benefit for Cloud users. We have moved many clients to Microsoft Office365 primarily for Email efficiency.
  4. COLLABORATION tools are very useful on the Cloud. The ability for multiple people to work on the same document at the same time independent where they are, can be a huge benefit to some businesses. (Office365-Sharepoint, Google Docs, Dropbox etc.)
  5. VIRTUAL DESKTOP using CITRIX technology can allow you to run your applications in the Cloud/Private Cloud but with the appearance of being on your desktop/laptop/tablet as normal.

Harder Decisions

If your business is highly distributed, then Cloud is going to provide great benefit. If your business is based in a single location, then the benefits will be significantly reduced.

  • CORE APPLICATIONS such as your production system, stock control system or payment system if used predominantly locally should probably stay local (maybe with a Cloud backup)
  • FINANCIAL DATA could be a risky thing to hold in the Cloud as security systems are not yet fully matured & international boundaries & rules can present unwanted challenges

The Cloud migration is moving most applications toward a monthly subscription cost with smaller capital outlay required but from a total cost of ownership (TCO) stand point the Cloud rarely delivers direct savings. The benefits need to be made through flexibility and efficiency improvements and as such planning the change is key to success.

If you are interested in looking at your options in more detail, please contact us.

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