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Data growth and management remain steadfast as one of the leading IT challenges on the CIOs radar. Clients of all sizes must plan for a storage infrastructure that will support expected growth without blowing the budget or introducing unnecessary complexity. A sound storage architecture is fundamental to the foundation of your business.

Greenlight Storage Solutions

IT Transformation through easy to manage infrastructure is a corner stone of Greenlights solution set. A key element of this is storage architecture and data management. Whether you are looking to move to a shared storage environment or you need an infrastructure refresh, Greenlight has the expertise to steer you down the right path helping to transform and optimise your IT infrastructure. We build in scalability, and include support services that ensure your investment is future proof. The right infrastructure can help drive competitive edge and increase profitability, and Greenlight can help you present a strong business case to support this. Our implementation and migration services ensure a smooth transition to a new storage environment.

Greenlight partners with HPE, NetApp, QNap and Dell/EMC for storage infrastructure, and we work with customers to recommend and agree best architecture fit or work with an existing vendor preference.

There are three main considerations when reviewing your storage requirements;

  1. Function:How storage is used and accessed. Are you looking at a centralised storage solution to reduce operational costs? (lower cost compared with having large amounts of data stored locally over having large amounts of storage locally on individual servers or desktops). Are you keen to centralise the management of your data? Do you require increased performance or availability of data? ,
  2. Capacity & Speed:We need to be able to determine capacity and performance requirements. Capacity is relatively simple to address, but performance is measured in IOPS which can be difficult to quantify, so our expert consultants can help you to determine what is achievable here.
  3. Reliability:built in reliability is crucial to your centralised storage architecture. We understand the reliance almost all customers have on the availability of core data, so access to this when needed is critical. An unreliable storage system can be catastrophic to your business.

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