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In today’s electronically-connected world, no organisation can function without a steady and reliable internet connection. Greenlight Computers can provide consultation and help you select the correct broadband package for your business.

Greenlight Computers Broadband Selection Guide

Price is not the only differentiator between consumer and business broadband. The quality of your broadband line determines your access to global markets, and the quality is determined by the uptime, speed, and overall reliability of the line. The choice of lines is dependent on what is available in your region i.e. fibre broadband, ADSL, or radio wave wireless line of sight. At Greenlight Computers we have the knowledge and expertise to help you decide from the wide range of options and will recommend a solution that tailors specifically to your needs, from choosing a scalable solution that will keep up with your growing usage to advising on which router to deploy for your connection’s termination and management.

Things to consider when choosing broadband for your business:

  • Your usage needs and required throughput. High upload speeds are just as important as download speeds.
  • A backup line in case of failure. This adds resilience and mitigates against downtime and business disruption.
  • Your organisation’s position in the cloud. If you are making the transition to the cloud or are already there, then you will need a highly reliable line that can accommodate constant mission-critical traffic across the Wide Area Network (WAN) to and from the cloud.
  • Whether you need a dynamic or static IP address. The latter is crucial for remote services to work, so if your organisation needs a consistent VPN connection then a static IP address is obligatory.
  • The integration of VoIP. High latency can severely hamper the quality of telephone audio so a specialised broadband service that is suitable for VoIP will be required.
  • Synchronous (same speed up and down) or Asynchronous (typically upload is 10% of download)
  • Contended (shared with others e.e.10:1) or uncontended (dedicated 1:1)

The key message is don’t skimp on your Broadband capacity with FTC (fibre to the cabinet) now in most areas you can get a lot for your money.

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