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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft’s cloud-based business suite is a step beyond traditional onsite Domain Controllers and Exchange Servers, and provides exceptional agility and flexibility. With cloud computing at the forefront of major shifts in all areas of IT, Greenlight Computers can help your organisation fully integrate with Office 365 to give you a more reliable and hassle-free platform which centrally manages your data, email, and Microsoft Office applications.

Greenlight Computers Office 365 Emails and Office Applications

The O365 email service eliminates the need for onsite Exchange servers that require routine maintenance and care. With O365 your emails are hosted on Microsoft’s servers, spam filtered before being presented to your computer, wherever you are. The key features incude:

  • A flexible and scalable email platform with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Large storage for mailboxes (50GB per user).
  • Large storage capacity for public folders (50GB per public folder).
  • Advanced security and online spam protection.
  • Skype for Business instant messaging.
  • Pay-as-you go pricing options.

With O365 you’ll be able to access your emails from any internet-enabled machine. Gone are the days of needing complex security setups and VPN tunnels to your server, just launch your web browser and log into your organisation’s O365 portal for immediate access to emails. Furthermore, you can take advantage of different packages and deploy company-wide Office Suite licencing which gives your users the latest Office software on up to five devices.

O365 is rapidly becoming the defacto standard to email management.


The O365 package includes the Microsoft SharePoint platform: an online enterprise collaboration storage and sharing solution which can be moulded and designed to your needs:

  • Same 99.9% uptime guarantee as the mail service.
  • Large storage capacity with comprehensive document versioning.
  • Designed for secure collaboration with external parties.
  • Rapid file synchronisation allowing for seamless and real-time project coordination.
  • Advanced file security and antivirus.
  • Adaptive and scalable to your organisation’s growth.

Microsoft O365 can be an excellent solution even to a tight budget, as you can make significant savings in both hardware and software solutions. Greenlight Computers can migrate your existing emails and company data to the O365 cloud platform with the minimum of disruption, making your cloud transition smooth and enjoyable.

Other O365 applications

Microsoft are adding new applications to the O365 platform on a regular basis e.g. Sway, Yammer, Skype. If you want to discuss these or any opportunities O365 can offer your business please contact Greenlight Computers service centre staff and we will help plan your journey to secure cloud computing.

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