Simple & Effective Communication

Full Time Or Part Time

Many of our clients do not have IT expertise in-house and rely on Greenlight to translate things into language they can relate to.

Simple Network Design

Even the most complex IT networks can be easily viewed & understood with a picture. The SME example below ensured the client could understand the function of each device in their network & its relative importance.

Customer X – IT Setup

Customer Setup Diagram


Selecting The Right Components For Your IT Network

The best way to start designing your IT solution is with Software. What does your business do and what software would you like to have to enable that?

From that point onward the selection of hardware is driven by what software & how you want to operate (in an office, remotely….)

Rather than try and think through all this and then try to purchase the compatible hardware you would be far better calling in the experts. Contact us for peace of mind & a suitable solution to your needs.