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Why Greenlight?

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Why Greenlight?

We believe our mission to provide A Single Point of IT Service to our customers sets us apart from our competitors. That, coupled with the combined experience within our Management Team of over 60 years in the corporate IT world means we are uniquely positioned to bring the scope and breadth of service of a large corporation to the SME world whilst maintaining the flexibility, agility and responsiveness of a small, local company. Our strong strategic partnerships and trusted network of senior executives in the world of IT means we are well connected and supported by world leading vendors. This in turn, enables us to bring the benefits of those relationships to our clients.

Whether you have an IT project or ‘point solution’ you need assistance with, a full IT outsource, or dedicated support personnel on site, Greenlight can help you deliver the right solutions to meet your business objectives. Through our Strategic Consultancy practise, we can help bridge the gap between IT and the Business Executives to ensure IT is delivering clear business value.