Managed WordPress Service

Stop worrying about your website

WordPress is a very powerful platform. It allows amazing websites to be built, maintained & managed – it’s extensive plugin ecosystem offers an almost unlimited amount of functionality.

It is easy to forget that WordPress requires regular maintenance – our new service takes care of this so you can carry on running your business without having to think about the reliability & security of your website.

Unlike other services, ours is a hybrid – automated systems designed specifically for the task, being used by professional engineers.

Plugin Updates

Plugin updates are available on a regular basis. They offer performance improvements & patches to security vulnerabilities. Our systems constantly monitor all plugins for any known vulnerabilities & available updates. We know instantly when an update is available, but don’t  just update it automatically. We check each update is safe before it is installed to ensure your website keeps running smoothly.

Core Updates

WordPress is constantly evolving – new features are being added & old ones are being removed. One of the main culprits of website failure is an outdated version of WordPress. As with plugins, our systems monitor all updates so our engineers can deal with each update as it becomes available.

Uptime Monitoring

The last thing you want is to find your website offline or even worse –  have a customer tell you that it is offline. Our automated systems constantly monitor uptime to make sure your website is available. If there is an issue an engineer is alerted instantly who will investigate & resolve the issue to bring the site back online.

Full Offsite Backups

All our backups are stored on remote servers so if there is a physical hardware failure of the server hosting your website, the backup is not affected & can be used for a quick restore. Most hosting companies will only offer backups for the WordPress Files or the Database. We backups both daily so in the unfortunate event of them being needed to restore your site, you never lose more than 24 hours worth of data.

As websites become ever more important for businesses, using WordPress as a Content Management System could be the ideal solution. Contact us today to see how our WordPress Management Service can make sure that your website is reliable & secure.