Website Hosting

Rack mounted server at our data center

A Home For Your Website

Scaleable, usable, secure and cost effective website hosting. Everything your website needs to perform at its best and maximise its return on investment.

Room to Grow

Websites grow – more content and more visitors. If the hosting is not capable of dealing with the growth the website will become un-responsive, or even unavailable. Either scenario is unacceptable for any business. Our hosting is designed to scale with the size of the website and the amount of visitors, meaning your website will always be available and function as intended.

Easy to Use

Businesses are fast paced. Your website needs to move with your business. Hosting that is inaccessible or un-usable will slow your sites changes and updates. Our hosting is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. You can change anything you want in your own custom control panel.

Speed Matters

Visitors demand quick websites. They do not like to wait around for a site to load. Google now ranks websites on their load speed and uses this score to influence their search results. A slow website is a poor website. Our hosting is designed to be quick. We use the latest hardware and software to increase the speed of our hosting so your website responds as quickly as possible.

Cost Effective

Running a website need not cost a fortune, nor should it be cheap and come with second rate service. We offer professional solutions that are cost effective and affordable.

Safe and Sound

Your website holds your data. Your business relies on your data. Using the latest hardware, software and security measures we work hard to make sure you website is safe and secure.

Host Anything

All websites are built differently. There are various programming languages which can be used and they all require different hosting solutions. With Windows and Linux hosting platforms we can host any website  regardless of how it is built.

MySql is a popular database which powers the majority of websites on the internet today. All our hosting packages include a pre-installed setup that is optimised and ready to go.


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