Email Marketing

Keys of a keyboard

Advertising Like Never Before

Contact and advertise to your existing, or a new client base and track the results. Emails don’t just need to be paragraphs of text. They can contain images and be fully designed to look like your website. See results quicker & cheaper than phone or snail mail marketing.

Keeping in Touch

Sometimes making sure that your clients remember you can work wonders for word of mouth recommendations or your customers opinions about you. E-mail marketing is a way of keeping in touch with your existing clients that is easier, quicker & cheaper than making phone calls or sending snail mail. It’s also trackable, giving you data that can be used in future business decision.

Sending an email once a month is a great way of informing your clients of new products or services which they may not know about. Linking this email into your website and using our analytics tools will allow you to see what your clients are interested in and will allow you to make informed business decisions.

Get to Know Your Customers

Imagine sending an email advertising three new products or services. Now imagine if you could see which of those services your clients were more interested in. That data could allow you to change advertising budgets or increase stock of a certain product. E-mail marketing, when used effectively, will allow you to carry out market research on your customers without inconveniencing them & reduce your costs.

Our email systems track such metrics as who opens the email, where they are, what machine configuration they have, what links they clicked on and many more. The power of this information is priceless  for any business.

First is Often Best

It is often the first company that markets a new product or service that gains the most customers. Paper and phone advertising take time and your competitors may get there first. E-mail market is fast. Its quick to develop and even quicker to send meaning you get there first. Couple that with our  analytics and  you will be able to make informed business decisions instantly.

It Looks The Same, No Matter How You Look At It

There are many different ways people view email. Some view on a web based platform, such as Hotmail or Google Mail, whilst others use a desktop application such as Outlook or Mac Mail. It is important that your email marketing is viewable and usable whatever platform or application it is viewed in.

We develop all email campaigns using the latest standards and practices to make sure they work as intended across all platforms and applications. We also test extensively on a huge number of platform/application combinations such as all versions of Outlook from 2003 upwards across all supported platforms such as Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7. We also test all web based email services such as AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, Google Mail & Hotmail in various versions of  browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera.

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