Keyboard Ergonomics & Skills Training For A Healthier & More Efficient Way Of Working

KEYBOARDPRO is a fantastic piece of software which will increase a person’s efficiency and output once completing the course. Train your computer users to use a keyboard proficiently and they’ll reward you with a dramatic and measurable impact on productivity, efficiency and quality of work.

A trained keyboard user will input data at least two or three times faster, and more accurately than an untrained user. That’s a measurable performance increase of between 100% and 200% with a noticeable improvement in the quality of data produced. In the real world this means that any computer user, when trained to use a keyboard, could comfortably process at least double their current workload in the same given period of time, OR, complete the same workload in half the time it currently takes.

No other core IT skills training comes close to providing the measurable productivity and efficiency benefits that keyboard skills training offers.

When trained to use a keyboard proficiently, computer users will also work more effectively because the brain does not need to cope with two issues, that of locating the keys and focusing on the output, enabling the user to single-mindedly focus on the output.

Are You Providing The Training Your Computer Users Need?

Typing on a computer keyboard is the most frequently used skill in the workplace today, yet a glance around any office will quickly confirm that very few computer users have been trained to use a keyboard proficiently.

Without proper training,  computer  users  have  no  choice  but  to  use  their  keyboards  in  an uncomfortable, slow and inefficient way which can lead to increased risk of occupational health problems.

The Occupational Health Issue

Latest results indicate that an estimated 572,000 people in Great Britain, who worked in the last year, suffered a Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) caused or made worse by their current or past work – and computer keyboard work is a commonly cited cause.

Providing DSE and Workstation Ergonomics training is all very well, but if a computer user has never been trained to use a keyboard correctly, they are forced to adopt an unhealthy working posture and will never fully benefit from Ergonomics safety training. Providing keyboard skills training for your personnel will benefit their health in the following ways and will lead to a reduction in the amount of sick-days taken due to computer or keyboard work related complaints:

Summary Of Training Benefits