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In partnership with Televic Education, Greenlight Computers are the sole UK distributor for AVIDAnet® Live,a Digital Language Lab solution for schools, colleges and universities.


AVIDAnet® Live is changing the way teachers and tutors deliver classes to students, lessons are more productive, rewarding and fun, benefits include:

Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use for multimedia & language classes

AVIDAnet® Live is a professional digital language lab solution which makes delivering multimedia based lessons easier than ever before. AVIDAnet® Live software helps teachers engage students in live learning activities, combining the 4 major language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Televic AVIDAlive


Teach & Learn, using ANY Resource

AVIDAnet® Live can be used in new or existing ICT classrooms and helps to focus students on tasks and activities, improving participation and motivating learning. Innovative functions in AVIDAnet® Live allow the tutor to capture and transmit rich multimedia material to students with ease.




 Fast, fluent & effective delivery of ICT in the MFL classroom

AVIDAnet Teacher

File transfer makes it easy to launch activities and collect responses
Exam Mode gives tutors full control for practice & controlled assessme

AVIDAnet students

Classroom Management

AVIDAnet® Live puts teachers in full control of ICT classrooms & provides the tools to manage, deliver and monitor live classes in an easy and secure way.

Use of Multimedia and the web

AVIDAnet® Live makes full use of multimedia learning materials and can connect to a variety of devices, including DVD, digital audio & video files, and the internet.

Audio Monitoring and Communication

High-quality audio facilities provide teacher & student communication for pairing & conversation activities, while also recording the student’s voice in digital format for evaluation or speaking assessments.

Exam and Restricted Mode

The teacher can easily send and invigilate practice sessions or real exams, while blocking access to programs, files and the internet, allowing the student to focus on the given task, activity or examination.

Pairing & Conversation

Pairing & Conversations Using AVIDAnet

Conversations, collaborations & role-play activities can be set up & recorded by both the teacher & students for self-evaluation or teacher-led assessment.


Management, Monitoring & Communication

AVIDAnet Live puts teachers in full control of ICT and language lab classrooms and provides powerful functions to manage, deliver and monitor live classes in an easy and secure way. A range of tools are available to the teacher for discreetly monitoring students’ progress, and communication by text or voice to give assistance.

Management, Monitoring & Communication

  • Monitor screen
  • Monitor student voice
  • Monitor sounds from PC
  • Live Intercom
  • Text message
  • Send teacher screen
  • Annotate Screen
  • Blank student screen/s
  • take over student PC
  • Lock keyboard/mouse


Streaming Media Files

AVIDAnet Live allows the teacher to transmit a media file ‘live’ to selected or all student PCs.

The media file can be recorded onto student PCs in order for them to work independently or at their own pace.

Multimedia Sources

While lots of learning materials are now available in digital format, a number of other useful media devices can be used with AVIDAnet Live. A multimedia module means that analogue and digital sources can be connected to the system and digitised or streamed ‘live’ to students.

Media Support by AVIDAnet

Exam Mode

Exam Mode

With one click the teacher can activate exam mode, which locks down students’ PCs, allowing access only to the specified learning material, exercise, test or exam. The exam mode function can be used in normal classroom teaching, for practice sessions or real exams.

File Transfer and Launch Applications

File Transfer 1

AVIDAnet Live makes it easy to send, launch and open files on student computers. File collection can now be done automatically when an activity is stopped which means retrieval of student responses is a painless operation, whether used during a lesson or for speaking tests.

Launch Applications







Browse Control

File and Application Control


Quickly and easily have full control over what students can and can’t view on the internet. Block the internet completely or allow only specified websites during lessons.

AVIDAnet Live offers one-click buttons to deny student access to USB sticks and other applications.


Plus much more…

Voting Activity

Many more useful features are available now and in future versions of AVIDAnet Live.

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