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IT Skills Gap Analysis

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IT is a significant investment for most companies that should bring productivity improvements, but in our experience this only happens if the staff have the right IT skills to make the best of the tools provided. Completing an IT skills gap analysis and a little bit of focussed skills development can improve the business and staff morale quickly.

Greenlight Computers IT Skills Gap Analysis

Our team can design an IT Skills Gap Analysis exercise as a light touch overview or a detailed skills assessment in line with your needs.

  • You may wish to look across the team at people’s ability to use the latest Microsoft Office products WIN10, Office 365, Sharepoint, Yammer etc
  • You may wish to identify someone for a specific role e.g. who would be the best person to take on the companies Social Media development.
  • You may have invested in a new CRM/ERP system and need users to change their working practices as quickly as possible to adopt it.
  • You may want to plan a new IT implementation in advance and identify early adopters within the team who will then become trainers for the rest of the team.

Knowing where you stand in terms of skills is good for business and essential for staff morale, nobody appreciates feeling lost in front of their colleagues.

Typical engagements

There are no typical engagements when it comes to IT Skills Gap Analysis, the best approach is an initial discussion around the perceived problem and we will propose a way forward.

The process however is generally one of: Scoping – Designing – Meeting – Analysing – Summarising – Recommending – Facilitating Action – Reviewing & Closure.

To learn more please contact one of our Directors for a confidential conversation.

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