Roll Out Programmes

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Most businesses don’t have the internal capacity to deliver large upgrade or roll out IT projects for themselves. Greenlight can provide a cost effective solution to the need for temporary additional capacity using a mix of our internal team and our trusted contractors.

Within the team we have staff experienced at leading several major UK wide upgrade programmes over the last 25 years. This experience is available at short notice to provide the capacity you need.

Highlighted below are some of our more regular roll out projects:

Migrations From Traditional To Cloud Email

When moving your business from in-house exchange server to hosted email services the hard part is the safe transfer of the old emails into the cloud. A typical user will have 10,000 emails that need backing up & then transferring to the new hosted account in the Cloud. Clients with large volumes of users will not want these transferred in serial so Greenlight will provide the extra resource required for parallel working (often the experience to guide the internal staff who may be doing it for the first time).

Replacement PC Upgrade Roll Out

With a typical PC lifecycle of 3-5 years upgrade programs are regular events for most companies. The process of procuring new hardware, configuration, exchanging machines, transferring data & introducing the PC to the domain all takes time. In addition the change in PC’s will normally come with a change in operating system & version of Office software, user familiarisation & training can also be provided.

We hope this gives you a feel for our experience & approach, if you have a project and require help please contact us for a no-obligation discussion.