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Relocation Hit Team

Are you opening, closing, moving to or moving from a location and need help with IT? If so then our hit team approach may be just what you need either in support of your own IT team or as a specialist service from Greenlight.

Ideally we follow a quality process that de-risks any relocation move you may wish to undertake, starting with a very meticulous planning phase.

HOWEVER if you are doing things at the last minute, as is often the case, don’t worry we can still cope. Our hit team of mobile technicians and support staff are very flexible when the chips are down.

Our Process – Standard Relocation

  1. SCOPING: the first step is to scope the job and provide you with a budgeted cost and timescale plan against which you can place a purchase order.
  2. SITE SURVEY: the first real stage of planning your move, assessing in detail your current location(s) layout and technical solution and then designing the future location. Producing a detail report and creating a project risk register with key dependencies.
  3. PLANNING: is the key stage of any project will include; key people, equipment, facilities, contingencies, staff, timing and a host of technical considerations all aimed at minimising the impact of change. The plan then needs to be broken into roles for each person involved in the project, timetables established and a revised budget agreed.
  4. IMPLEMENTATION: if planned well should be one of the easier parts of the project. For smaller moves a “big bang” change is normally most effective and generally completed outside normal working hours. For large projects the normal method is group by group to allow gradual transition. Greenlight also plan in a stragglers move for those people who are a little resistant to change, there is always somebody at the end. We also find that towards the end clients use the opportunity to do a few extras like implementing a wireless network or putting in new shared printing facilities.
  5. SIGN OFF: when the program is completed and any final benefits have been secured the project is signed off and the final invoice is agreed and paid.
  6. ONGOING SUPPORT: for existing Greenlight clients we then settle into business as usual but for new clients we will look to agree an on-going support contract for the new location. Having delivered the transition project we would expect to be best placed to support the new IT solution into the future.

Our Process For A Greenfield Location

Where clients are moving to a Greenfield location and have the luxury to parallel run for a period we will add a further stage to our process, that of Commissioning.

  1. COMMISSIONING: gives the team the ability to pre-build and test new user environments before migrating anyone. Small sample user groups will be able to try out facilities and resolve issues before colleagues join them in the new location, further ensuring the smooth transition.

We take projects from one day’s notice but obviously prefer a more strategic approach, if you have a move you need supporting by Greenlight please contact us now.