Website Benchmarking V Competitors


(£1500 including VAT)



Website Benchmarking Audit – Competitor Comparison.

The Greenlight SEO team will audit your existing website against industry best practice and look at other key performance areas. We will compare the site with up to 3 competitors, creating a professional report with recommendation on how you can improve your website.
The audit will include six main areas:
• Website Performance – looking at page speeds, coding quality and other factors affecting the user experience
• Multi-Device Use – does the content read well on all screen sizes: desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile?
• Search Engine Optimisation – are the basic SEO best practice rules being followed or are there gaps?
• Security – does the website have valid SSL certification?
• Keyword & Page ranking – is your site being ranked in Google for keywords and phrases matching your goals?
• Social Media following and performance – are your competitors stealing a march with their Social Media engagement

Other strengths and weaknesses associated with your competitor websites will also be included as we recommend how you might catch up or overtake the competition.
The report will be provided with recommendations in plain English with the minimum of industry jargon, enabling the client to make an informed decision about the way forward.

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