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Our Benefits

Selecting The Right Components For Your IT Network

The best way to start designing your IT solution is with Software. What does your business do and what software would you like to have to enable that?

From that point onward the selection of hardware is driven by what software & how you want to operate (in an office, remotely….)

Rather than try and think through all this and then try to purchase the compatible hardware you would be far better calling in the experts. Contact us for peace of mind & a suitable solution to your needs.

Customer X IT Setup

Customer Setup Diagram

Localisation Drivers

As the market tends toward a Globalisation approach for product sourcing we believe the reverse is happening for services. Greenlight has clients from the USA, Europe & Far East with bases in the UK who need the onsite support of an IT technician regularly. We can provide a qualified technical representative as part of the businesses virtual IT team as and when required.

The cost and time involved in getting people around the UK is also increasing significantly and Greenlight is winning business from London based companies for their Manchester offices & similarly our Northern based client offices in the South. The key for Greenlight is to have a technician or trusted associate within 10 miles of the client.

Even our Web Development activities are generally for clients based locally to one of our offices or hubs. We believe regular communication is the cornerstone of successful web & email marketing. Without regular meetings to brainstorm new ideas & optimisation of websites/blogs/social media your business will drift backward.

Simple Network Design

Even the most complex IT networks can be easily viewed & understood with a picture. The SME example below ensured the client could understand the function of each device in their network & its relative importance.

Site Dedicated

In a growing number of multi-tenant locations we are now installing a dedicated site technician as the lead technician for the site. This approach enables the tenant clients to gain easy access to the advice and guidance required on a regular basis. It also ensures the fastest possible response to major outages.

If we can see over 70% of a technician’s workload can come from a dedicated location we will dedicate someone to the site, thus allowing us to build up a full knowledge of the site and any other 3rd parties who may need to be involved in IT resolutions.

10 Mile Radius Approach

Our goal is that every Greenlight Client has a lead technician who lives locally and can get onsite quickly if required. The lead technician will complete the initial audit of a new client site and be responsible for ensuring that other colleagues are aware of any specific IT setups onsite. The lead technician will also be the first option when a service call is required for the client and only when they are busy will the work be handled by colleagues.

Our technicians will work with multiple clients all of whom are ideally within a 10 mile radius of the technicians own home.

Nobody Wants To Pay For Time In The Car

Much of the IT service industry is focused on avoiding the need to visit the client site & forcing clients into dealing with remote “help” desks. Greenlight believes that to provide excellent IT support we need to spend time onsite understanding the business as well as solving technical queries over the phone. Our local lead technician approach enables us to do this without incurring excessive cost that would need to be passed on to the client.

Full or Part Time

Many of our clients do not have IT expertise in-house and rely on Greenlight to translate things into language they can relate to.