Office 365 client migrations growing rapidly

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Greenlight Computers recently (July 15) completed its 41st client migration of email onto the Cloud with Microsoft Office 365. Since the turn of the year, almost every week has seen an existing or brand new client move email to Office 365 with Greenlight technical assistance.

Following exhaustive testing, Greenlight Computers email was migrated from the in-house SBS server to the Cloud and Office 365 in the middle part of 2014 leading the way for our clients. Each client who has subsequently made the move to Office 365 with Greenlight technical migration assistance has been delighted with the change.  Email is already dependent on an internet connection to get from person to person and is, therefore, an ideal service to run in the Cloud.

Managing Director Gary Dodson commented “We always attempt to do the best for our clients and recommend products & services which we feel are ideal for their needs. Commercially it may have been better for us in the short term to advise them differently, but we work with our clients for the long term and Office 365 is proving to be an excellent choice.”

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