Last week we reported the news that a major vulnerability has been found in all versions of Internet Explorer (6 – 11).  Users of Windows XP have an issue as they are stuck using Internet Explorer 8. The newer versions of the browser only run on newer versions of Windows, such  7 or 8. Since Microsoft no longer support Windows XP or Internet Explore 8, user would not receive the patch to fix the vulnerability & they can’t upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer because Microsoft won’t let them. These users are stuck.

Well it appears Microsoft have done a U turn. After stating they would no longer support Internet Explorer 8, they have  released a patch to fix the vulnerability. Why Microsoft chose to make the U turn is not really clear. They have not given an official explanation, however there is a rumour that one of their big clients (that still uses Windows XP & IE 8) in America called them up with an ultimatum to “fix Internet Explorer 8, or we will move to Linux”. Perhaps this gave Microsoft the nudge they needed.

This is good news for those user still using Windows XP, but we still suggest you change to an alternate browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These browsers are updated more often & in my opinion offer a better user experience than Internet Explorer. There is also less risk of their support being dropped as they do not follow the same update cycle as Microsoft.