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Fractional IT Resourcing

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Greenlight Computers is a big believer in the concept of Fractional IT resourcing as a way of sharing specialist skills between clients. Your business may very well served by a part time social media expert, funding a full head may be over the top? If so fractional resourcing is ideal.

Greenlight Computers Fractional resourcing

Using the example of Social Media we believe there are significant advantages to a business of sharing an expert in this area. A single Social Media expert could service four businesses on a fractional one day per week basis, leaving a floating day to build skills and handle work peaks. Paying circa £9k per annum contract will compare well to a full time option at £30-£35k plus benefits.

The client benefits would include:

  • Shared knowledge working on multiple clients, new techniques would benefit all
  • Regular engagement, the same day each week becomes the Social media focus internally
  • Employee motivation, the variety will keep the person interested, often employed Social Media executives are isolated and have no career path so move roles regularly leaving you a gap
  • Affordability and value for money with a focussed resource

Social Media is just one example of fractional resourcing but this can apply in many other areas. It is well established practice in the primary school sector to have a school IT technician on a one day per week basis.

Fractional IT Director or CIO

IT Directors or CIO’s can be very expensive assets in your business, it’s not unusual to see salaries in excess of £200k per annum.

In many instance, the medium size enterprise may require the competence of a top CIO but only on a part time basis, the fractional approach is a growing trend for businesses to secure top end skills at a fraction of the cost.

From the CIO perspective  being isolated in one business will gradually reduce their exposure to the latest market trends and in the long run their value as a CIO.

Greenlight Computers & Greenlight People

Working in partnership with our sister company Greenlight People Recruitment we are rapidly developing a unique strength in the ability to attract the best fraction IT resource in the UK.

If you have a gap that fractional resourcing could fill please contact Greenlight for a confidential discussion.

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