Temporary Skills

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Temporary IT Staff – 21st Century Skills

Computer service technicians are the essential resource of the 21st Century. Greenlight Computers Ltd is providing well qualified and highly motivated technicians to businesses on a daily basis. Do you need the additional capacity & skills now?

Our Technicians

Each of our technicians is employed by Greenlight and only operates inside a 10 mile radius of their own home. Our “local technicians for local clients” model means we can offer a personalised, responsive, cost effective & environmentally conscious service. Each of our technicians is also CRB checked and carries an identity badge for your security.

How Can We Help?

  • We can provide technicians on long term assignments.
  • We can cover for staff sickness/holidays on a planned or emergency basis.
  • We can add additional capacity to your internal team in periods of high demand.
  • We can provide cost effective technical escalation if you get stuck.
  • We can provide free advice and guidance on your IT plans.
  • We can help select and procure the latest technologies to fit your requirements.
  • We can respond to any emergency on the same day because we are local.
  • You can switch to Greenlight for better service today, from 1 hour to 1 year we can respond.

Risk Reduction

When your IT manager takes holiday, goes on training, goes off sick or worst case leaves the business who will provide the continuity of support?

When your IT manager just isn’t sure how to do something who does he ask?

Our Cover & Consult contract buys you always available cover for both planned & unplanned eventualities through a lead technician. The contract can also provide for the occasional technical consultant skills to compliment and assist your IT manager. (No business should be limited by the breadth of knowledge in one person’s head).

Case Study – Client X

One of our clients, a major Manchester business landlord, retains the services of an in-house IT manager to service the staff and tenant networks in the business. We have recently renewed our contract for the provision of a Cover & Consult service in support of the IT manager.

We provide:

  • A lead technician & a backup technician who have been familiarised with the clients IT network by the IT manager.
  • 20 days of on call remote cover for the IT managers holidays
  • Emergency support should it be required
  • 40 hours consultancy support during the year from the required experts
  • Advice & guidance as required

Full peace of mind for less than £400 per month

Does your business need this sort of cover for as little as £90 per month?