Security & Continuity

Comprehensive, Safe & Secure

We take great care in advising our clients on data security matters. With hundreds of clients it is essential that we offer as much advice as possible to our clients about securing their data.

Your IT partner is not responsible for your data and its security, you are. However we can provide you with the experience, recommendations, tools and procedures that can minimise your risk. Should your staff inadvertently take risks with your data, we can also help you identify & react to those instances. If your data is safe we all sleep well.

Online Backup

Data stored on your servers is the most valuable business property for the 21st Century Company and requires appropriate protection. Our online backup service can protect your company servers with complete ease and automation. Whether you need to backup documents, Emails, SQL databases, or entire server configurations for disaster recovery; our online backup service is a comprehensive solution.

Secure FTP Server

If your business is regularly receiving or sending out large files as e-mail attachments you will potentially be having network speed issues or send and receive fails. By using the Greenlight secure FTP service you could take the pressure off of your email system and upload/download large files with relative ease.

Greenlight Vault (New)

Our latest cloud computing service is for a digital archive solution (the Greenlight Vault). If you have a server in the business that is getting full why not look at archiving your old data in our vault. The vault is designed to hold your data in our datacentre and make it available online 24/7 and by taking it off your server you will speed up and extend the life of your server.


Protect your confidential information and ensure regulatory compliance with a range of encryption solutions that deliver policy-based security across mixed environments and operate transparently to your users. Protecting mobile data on laptops, i-phones & memory sticks is a Greenlight speciality. Transient data backed up to our data centre or transferred via our FTP service is all encrypted.


When you use the Internet there are dangers around every corner. Viruses, malicious users, Trojan horses …. Are just a few of the risks you need to protect against. Securing your network against threats from the Internet is an essential step. If you do not, you will, at some point, regret it. Firewalls come in all shapes & sizes, software or hardware solutions can be implemented for your business & our team are well placed to assess your needs.

Data Protection

Protecting your digital data is, in logic terms, not much different to protecting your traditional paper data. The best strategy is to ensure you have a minimum three layer backup strategy: live server copy, onsite backup & offsite backup. Use encryption, firewalls, passwords & common sense to avoid taking risks on a day to day basis.

Perimeter Security

To offer an all-round service to our clients Greenlight with a number of physical security partners to ensure the latest technologies provide the external security your business needs. We will work with you to assess the requirement and then advise on trusted partners in a complex market.

If you are not sure how protected you are then our quick pragmatic audit approach will at least highlight the main risk areas you need to cover. We can also bring in Greenlight associates who provide the full ISO 27001 audit where required.