IT Support Contracts

Flexible, Honest & Entrepreneurial

Greenlight Computers Ltd prides itself in contracting with clients in the way the client prefers. We have several contracting formats & pay as you go options to keep the client in control of the money. All we ask from our clients is consistency in the payment of bills on time to avoid the hassle of debt chasing.

Pay As You Go

If you want to retain overall responsibility for your IT but use Greenlight for specific services or rescue missions then pay as you go is the easiest option. Every service we provide can be charged through either hourly or daily rates.

Service Contracts

Where we are providing a managed service solution and taking responsibility for some or all of your IT performance we recommend a monthly contract. This fixes your service budget & encourages us to provide a good service if we want to make a profit.

Fixed Price Projects

Where you have a major project it is essential you understand the cost to predict your return on investment. If you can provide us with a clear outline of the project we will happily fix the price of our solution.

Risk & Reward

As your trusted IT partner you may want to share innovative opportunities with us on a risk & reward basis. The concepts of spreading payments, profit share & equity for service are all methods we have deployed to mutual benefit.

Charities & 3rd Sector

The Greenlight team provides discounted products and services to charitable institutions where we can in support of the great work delivered in the sector.

Terms & Conditions

Greenlight Computers standard terms & conditions can be downloaded here