IT Support

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Pro-Active, Rapid & Cost Effective

Our IT support services are contracted in numerous ways as each client is different; we provide support to all your users and manage your infrastructure pro-actively. We have the skills in the team to support Microsoft, Apple & Linux environments, on a 24/7 basis where required.

Typically a service provided to the SME, Public Sector & 3rd Sector we will provide every client with a locally based lead technician(s) to ensure we can be onsite quickly when we need to. All key devices in your network are monitored on a 5 minute basis to ensure we can prevent and resolve problems quickly. The areas highlighted below cover some of the key support activities we can provide.

Hardware & Software Maintenance

Keeping your users IT operational is the key focus of our support service. We have the full diagnostic & repair capability to resolve issues and extend the life of your hardware & software for as long as the business needs it. We also retain a small stock of key components (routers, anti-virus, switches, memory & HDD) to ensure downtime is minimised for the user(s).

Network Support

Connectivity to the internet from the user’s workstation is totally dependent on your network. Managing IP mapping, cabling infrastructures, switches, routers, firewalls & wireless networks will all be reliable if well designed and maintained.

Server, Backup & Internet Monitoring

Greenlight will monitor on a continuous basis the key elements of your IT infrastructure to prevent major outage issues & data loss risks. Servers produce fault reports daily that need action to prevent downtime, your backup routine will occasionally fail & require action to resolve & we also have relationships with most ISP’s to help resolve those frustrating internet outages as quickly as possible.

Mobile Computing

Not all users are office based. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate way for mobile staff to connect to the network securely. Laptops, i-phones, blackberries and home computers can all be securely connected in a well-designed network infrastructure.

Apple Support

The support workload for an Apple device tends to be much lower than Microsoft or Linux computers, however when they do fail you need the qualified technician at hand to resolve things. Greenlight has invested in this skill base to ensure we can provide a “one stop shop” IT support service.

Email Administration

Email has become the key tool for most businesses in the last 20 years but administration can be a headache. The Greenlight help desk will manage your Email on a same day basis to ensure changes can be affected as you need them. Leavers, joiners, re-directs, new domains, new devices… these can all be sorted quickly through our central function.

Data Recovery

Should the worst case happen and you have some key data that needs recovering from a disk drive or other media we will normally have the tools to help. If the media is beyond repair we also work with an associate specialising in forensic data recovery.

IT Health-check

At the beginning of any new client relationship we will always complete an IT Health-check to assess the situation. These reviews help create a key data record for the Greenlight system to enable easier support but also highlight any current weaknesses that need action. We also offer IT Health-checks for clients who just want an independent view on the strengths & weaknesses of their IT infrastructure.