Strategic Partnership

Create A Mutually Beneficial Trading Arrangement

Greenlight partners with a number of companies to ensure we can provide a comprehensive service to our clients. We also have several international partners for whom Greenlight provides a UK contracting service.

Partnering With Greenlight

Our business strategy is to focus on those aspects of IT that we can do well. For this reason we have chosen to partner with specialists in a number of areas non-core to our business including:

  • ISP Broadband services
  • Telephony solutions
  • 3rd line data recovery
  • IT Training
  • Software application development

Our expertise in these areas is making sure that the client gets to work with the best partner for their needs.

Using Greenlight As Your UK IT Team

A growing number of international IT product &services companies are now outsourcing their UK work to Greenlight as the cost & response times are significantly better than the alternative.

Similarly, clients with UK subsidiaries can use Greenlight as the UK arm of their IT team to provide a fast and efficient service to the UK user base.

Value For Money

We would be delighted to provide reference partners who can demonstrate the cost benefit of using the Greenlight team as part of the overall service model