Strategic Outsource

Make Greenlight Your IT Department

If your IT is not operating efficiently & costing too much using internal resources, the option to outsource can be the solution. Outsourcing all or part of your IT provision should deliver increased capability, capacity, security & cost benefits.

Rationale For Outsourcing

The motivations for outsourcing are evolving from an initial focus on cost reduction to an emerging emphasis on improving business performance. Reviewing IT performance as an enabler to business growth is becoming a big driver in the outsourcing of all or part of the businesses IT activities. The key question is how do I get the best skills applied to my business? Is it through recruiting or outsourcing? IT outsourcing is playing an increasingly prominent role in strategies designed to maximise the performance of IT.

Potential Benefits Of Outsourcing

The list below highlights some of the possible benefits of IT Outsourcing:

  • Wider experience of the IT solutions that best fit the business needs
  • Removal of a fixed cost making IT a variable cost as company grows/shrinks
  • Reduced risk of discontinuity should any individual become unavailable
  • Resource capacity can expand to deal with peaks as required
  • Lead technician rewarded for client satisfaction
  • Accountability shared with Greenlight as the partner
  • Opportunity to access the Greenlight knowledge network to your businesses advantage
  • Purchasing economies of scale potential savings

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